Tuesday, February 6, 2007

CheapoAir Review, Cheap Plane Tickets

I happened upon a cool website today, Silflay Hraka and found a terrific CheapoAir review about our cheap plane tickets! Thank you, Silflay!

Here are some excerpts from Silflay's post:

That being said, my latest website for the best ticket prices is CheapoAir.com. The site promises to save 65% off published fares. I'm not good at math and I'm sure exactly what the published fares might be since there are so many out there, but the site did save me about $50 bucks over Yahoo Travel, the next best rate I could find. Yahoo in turn saved me about $50 bucks over Expedia, which saved me $15 to $20 bucks over several other sites like Orbitz.

Check out Silfay's Blog.


wendyrakus said...

I had an absolutely horrible experience with CheapOair!
I booked a trip to Budapest for June, 2008 through CheapOair. I verified the reservations online at CheapOair and the airline, and I also verified them by phone with CheapOair and the airline. Then, for a brief period of time, my reservation completely disappeared from both the CheapOair and Malev system. I couldn't look it up online at all. When I got my e-tickets the travel dates had been changed to September, 2007! CheapOair refuses to return my reservations to the original date without charging a ridiculous fee. CheapOair? More like CheatOair.

John Lynch said...

I travel about 10-15 days out of the month and almost always use Cheapo Air (sadly, I'm at the airport as we speak). They generally have the cheapest flights and the site is definitely the most simple to navigate.

I wouldn't hesitate to use them. All you read about online are horror stories with airlines, but I've never had a problem. Once, I wasn't sure if my flight was getting booked but I called and they straightened it out.

tom said...

Never ever book any flights through CheapoAir.com or Onetravel.com
First of all, they are one and the same company. We used tham to book
our flight and, after they charged our account, they cancelled our flight. We now have to wait one month or more for a refund. So do not use them especially if you are a budget traveler and can't afford to pay twice for the same flight.
Their customer support call center in India is the worst I have ever

experienced. For example, if you choose option "support with existing booking", then expect to wait anywhere between 15 and 50 minutes. We tried to go through the "new booking option" in order not to wait. However, once the support person knows that you are having problems with their service and are looking for a solution, they often just hang up on you or put you on hold for ever. They hung up on me 5 times in a row one day. We were spending two to three hours on the phone with them every day for the last week trying to resolve our situation. And we have no success. Finally, we are booking with the airlines directly. We still didn't get our refund and both our first and second reservation have been cancelled for no good reason.
I will post this on every forum I can find just so no one gets scammed the way we were. $4000 20h on the phone and still no tickets.

George William said...

cheapoair.com is the worst of all time, their site is designed to rip you off of fifty dollars in cancellation fees, that is it... don't even try to contact their customer service, it probably won't happen. Run away, they are under investigation for fraud and need to be shut down. The cheapoair customer service people just go around the internet posting positive lies to cover the thousands more from angry customers who got ripped off from them like me... guess what, they will never catch up.