Sunday, February 11, 2007

Senior Travelers, Let's Go! Part II

Welcome back to Senior Travelers, Let's Go!

In Part I, we discussed senior travel discounts vs. senior travel gimmie a breaks, affinity groups, frequent flier programs and pre-paid travel vouchers.

In Part II, we will continue exploring gimmicks vs. real discounts, as well as travel ideas for senior couples, seniors traveling with friends and seniors traveling with grandchildren.

Sit back, grab a cup of tea and let's dish travel!

Is this Really a Senior Travel Discount? Because it feels an awful lot like a Gimmick to me?!

We've all seen the phrases, Senior Travel Discount, Discounts for Seniors, Senior Savings and many other similar phrases. The hook is BIG MONEY saved. The question you should ask yourself: is this really going to save me money or cost me money?

In the case of airfare, I'm sure you've seen, off-peak travel discounts. Sometimes those are re-written as Senior Travel Discounts. That's ok! It's the same thing, but designed to attract a different audience. You! The senior traveler. The benefit here is that even when you see off-peak travel discounts, it's a deal you should definitely consider and look into because it will likely save you money and at the end of the day, that is our goal as budget senior travelers.

Off-Peak and Off-Season Travel is always going to save you money. Let's say you want to go to Florida. If you go just before winter or just after winter, you will likely save a few hundred dollars. Log onto our website, CheapoAir and check airfares in February versus airfares in late March to Florida. Can you believe the savings?! We're talking anywhere from $50-$200! That's a lot of money, more money to spend enjoying your trip.

Off-Peak Travel Ideas:

  • Fall Destination, visit in late summer or early winter
  • Winter Destination, visit in late fall or early spring
  • Spring Destination, visit in late winter or early summer
  • Summer Destination, visit in late spring or early fall

Believe it or not, there are some additional benefits to off-peak travel. Less tourists means fewer lines. Dinner reservations anytime you like. Front row seats to every attraction and event.

CheapoAir, are there any other off-peak travel times I should know about?

We're so glad you asked because the answer is a resounding YES! Off-peak travel also includes days preceding and succeeding a national holiday. If you travel a few days before and after a national holiday, you can save money on airfare, too.

Another off-peak travel tip is to choose flights that leave very early in the morning or at sunset. Mid-day flights, especially during business travel times (Monday through Friday) are much cheaper.

I've noticed discounts offered to seniors at my local grocery store and community center. Are these legitimate?

Often times communities do like to give back to their residents. This is a great thing! You might find that your grocery store is offering reduced domestic fares. Check it out. You can always cross-reference the flight times and dates with the airline or a travel site like ours,

Other local discounts for seniors within your community can include cheap parking spaces, movie, theatre and opera discount matinee tickets, cheaper annual passes to the local museum, gallery or botanical garden. Visit your local community center to find out what's out there and available to you. Usually a list of preferred vendors is available.

I have my grandchildren for 7-days and a few extra bucks. Where should I take them?

Grandchildren want to spend every waking minute with their grandparents. What better way to do that than on vacation. There are all sorts of neat theme vacations you can take. Check out our Vacations. We offer adventure tours, all-inclusive family resorts, Funjet vacations, Universal Parks & Universal Tours vacations and so much more! Book airfare and a cheap hotel to a historic domestic destination like Washington, Boston or the Grand Canyon! If you want to go abroad, what about Europe? What an exciting history lesson that will be.

With the right planning, traveling with grandchildren is a piece of cake.

Take a few best friends on a whirlwind tour of Las Vegas. Enjoy fine food, casinos (I'm a slot machine fan myself) and lively entertainment. Adventure isn't always climbing Mount Everest or going on a safari in Africa. Those destinations offer all kinds of choice activities for all lifestyles.

Celebrate your 60th anniversary at a scenic destination with lots of natural beauty and outdoorsy activities. Cruise Hawaii, the Caribbean or Mexico. Book a US Golf trip to all of the top golf courses. Visit world class zoos, botanical gardens or destinations renowned for bird watching and hiking. Treat yourself to a 4-day spa vacation.

Shoe-String Budget Travel for Seniors is absolutely possible. Remember to keep an eye out for Senior Discounts, Off-Peak Travel and Affinity Programs.

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