Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Spring Travel Part II, Senior Travel to Mexico City, Kingston or Las Vegas

Welcome back to the CheapoAir Spring Airline Travel Series!

Yesterday we covered
Spring Family Travel. If you missed it, check it out. We discussed the top destination for families this spring, and on a budget!

Today... Senior Travel to Mexico City, Kingston or Las Vegas. Where should you go? How can you get the most for your money? Is there a preferred destination?

Though this may come as quite a surprise, all three destinations are perfectly delightful choices. What it boils down to is what you're looking for in a vacation and who you're traveling with. Each of these wonderful destinations is absolutely within your budget!

Traveling to Mexico City or Kingston during the spring is the off-season. That means bigger savings and smaller lines into the most sought after attractions. If you're in need of the three R's (rest, relaxation and romance), Kingston will take your breath away. From all-inclusive resorts, to spa packages and a la carte travel (hotel, airfare and car rental parsed out) to suit all budgets. You can plan the perfect itinerary.

To find out more about Kingston, visit the
Kingston Travel Guide. If you're traveling with a companion, but want something a little less beachy and a lot more city, visit Mexico City. This thriving metropolis nestled in the mountains offers a great sense of Mexican culture and history. This is a great destination for booking guided tours, too.

Tours are an affordable, all-inclusive half day or day trip that allows you to visit several sites for one price. For example, one company might be offering Cathedrals, Museums or Botanical Gardens. Instead of paying for each museum, you're only paying for the tour, a flat, one-time rate!

Las Vegas is a divine destination! It's also one of the top destinations year round. This is a perfect spot for friends. Believe it or not, booking cheap tickets is easy, especially on CheapoAir! Hotels are equally affordable and annual discounts abound. Las Vegas is for spending money on gambling. For me, it's slot machines.

Las Vegas also offers incredible live performances, concerts, dancers and incredible food. You can really have the time of your life in this city. Relax in a casino, sit by the pool and soak up some sun or walk around the strip and shop. Whatever you seek, you can probably find in Las Vegas.

Seniors traveling, the most important spring travel tip for you is choose your destination wisely. Think of who you're traveling with and the type of vacation you'd like this to be. Be sure to book at least 21 days in advance for maximum savings. However, there are exceptions to the rule and
last minute travel on a budget is absolutely doable. Check out some of our airline ticket prices. Choose different date combinations to see what's out there and if it's within your budget.

So go out there and catch spring fever!

Don't forget to visit us tomorrow for, Spring Travel Part III, Honeymooners and Couples Traveling to the Caribbean, Punta Cana or San Juan.

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