Friday, February 2, 2007

Airline Tickets

Airline Tickets can be so expensive. So, how can you book airline tickets within a budget and still have a fabulous vacation? has some wonderful "how to" tips and tricks for booking airline tickets to fit all budgets.

First and foremost, with so many travelers scouring the web for airline tickets, you might wonder how we are able to offer the cheapest ticket. That's easy. We have over 18 million negotiated and consolidated airfares. So, wherever and whenever you want to fly, choose and become a jet setter without breaking the bank.

Which Airline Ticket Should you Book?
When you shopping for airline tickets, you will find hundreds of websites assuring you their price is the cheapest. But, should you really just take their word for it? Especially after everything we've read about comparison shopping. Whether booking on airline website or, you have a six-minute booking window, which means that fare is subject to change, so do your due diligence beforehand.

Compare Arrival and Destination Airports
Believe it or not the airport you arrive to and depart from can really factor into the price of your airline ticket. Check out the smaller airports. Those fares can be much cheaper. We have an easy to use, airport code tool that allows you to plug in the city and find the airport code. It's one click!

If you're willing to choose an airport that's a half-hour or an hour outside of your arrival or departure airport, you could save a few hundred dollars. A taxi, shuttle or rental car could still be far less expensive. Here’s an example, say you’re traveling to Los Angeles. The main airport is LAX, but if you choose Burbank instead, you could save up to 50% on airline tickets.

Book Airline Tickets 21 Days in Advance
For most budget travelers, vacations have to be planned. It’s an annual or 2-3 year luxury. If you’re traveling with family and want to see all the sights and attractions, travel costs can skyrocket. So, try to plan and book at least 21 days in advance to maximize your savings.

Is Off-Season Travel Really Going to Save me Money?
Is it ever! of-season and off-peak travel is always cheaper than peak travel times. This means visiting a winter destination in early spring or a summer resort in early fall can save you up to 65% on your flight. Can you imagine?!

When planning your trip try to avoid traveling on days that precede or succeed a major holiday, and on Fridays and Sundays. These are the busiest days for travel and finding affordable airline tickets is an impossible feat. Also, consider an early morning flight or a red-eye.

The Devil's in the Details
Often times airline tickets are non-refundable and non-negotiable. In short, once that ticket is purchased, you can't get a refund. Be sure to read the fine print and that the travel dates you've chosen are correct.

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