Friday, July 4, 2008

CheapOair Top 10 Most Romantic Honeymoon Destinations

Honeymoon undeniably is one of the most cherished celebrations in one’s life and as the first step together towards a new life; your honeymoon should be the most memorable of all the vacations. Honeymoon is not just about releasing that week long wedding stress, but you also get to know each other better, make plans for the future and above all your honeymoon is the foundation of your married life.

Carefully handpicked just for honeymooners, where you can have the most, CheapOair Top 10 Most Romantic Honeymoon Destinations include:
1. Tahiti
2. Venice
3. Paris
4. San Francisco
5. Seychelles
6. St Lucia
7. Reykjavik
8. Fiji
9. Mauritius
10. Hawaii

Even though these destinations are some of the most romantic places in the world, before heading out to any of these destinations, spend some time with your beloved discussing where you would like to go and what kind of honeymoon you would like to take, as each of the listed destinations is unique and special from the other.

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