Monday, December 1, 2008

Three Weirdest Restaurant, Bar and Café in the Planet

Am sure you must have been to romantic and elegant restaurants, swanky bars and lounges. But have you ever been to a Dwarf café, dined in an underwater restaurant or have you ever been to a bar where staffs are trained to get trashed by costumers. Well if you haven’t been to any such places, this winter try to experience it for yourself. Here are the three most unusual café, restaurant and bar in the world.

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, Rangalifinolhu, Maldives: Situated five meters below sea level, Ithaa Undersea Restaurant located at the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island is the first of its kind in the world. With space to serve upto 14 guests, Ithaa Undersea Restaurant is one of the few places in the world where you can comfortably sit, relax and dine without getting even a single hair wet, though you are dining five meters below the sea.

Hobbit House, Ermita, Philippines: If you are visiting Philippines this winter, a visit to Hobbit House is a must. Truly one of a kind, Hobbit House is one of the hippest bars in the city and their popularity owes much to its unique staff, though the bar serves more than 100 different beers. From the doorman to the waiter, from the cashier to the bartender, all of Hobbit House staffs are dwarves. Incase if you want to click some pictures with the staffs, just for memory. Feel free to ask. They will be more than happy to click some pictures with you.

Rising Sun Anger Release Bar, Nanjing, China: Though I have never been to this place, but this is a personal favorite of mine. Rising Sun Anger Release Bar is an excellent place to release your stress, frustrations and anger. This bar does not only allow its costumers to scream as they want, smash glasses or beat up the bar staff. But here you can also let a staff dress up the way you want and then trash him up. Worried that you might hurt the staff? Worry not; the staff wears special protective gears. That’s not all; costumers are also given counseling from local universities psychology students. It’s been also rumored that most of its costumers are women.

This winter if you happen to travel to any of these cities, try not to miss your opportunity. If you know a weird watering hole or a restaurant, please feel free to share with other fellow travelers as a comment.

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