Tuesday, July 22, 2008

CheapOair Tips for taking Connecting Flights

Recently, while surfing the net, I have come across many articles about the pitfalls of connecting flights and the experiences of travelers taking more than one flight to reach a destination. Taking multiple flights to reach a destination may not be that pleasurable but at the same time, it can be fun. Though most would not agree with the ‘Fun’ part, but seriously, taking connecting flights is really an experience. You don’t need to be a travel guru to avoid the pitfalls of connecting flights, all you have to do is spend some time planning and researching before you begin your journey. Here are some tips for taking connecting flights:

1. Visit the airport website, check out the airport layout map, you will find where you will be arriving and where the departing gate are located. If the airport does not have a website, during your flight, go though the airline magazines, most airline magazines have maps of the airports that the airline serves.

2. The boarding pass for your connecting flight should always be in your name. If you are not sure, about the terminal and the gate number of your next flight ask a gate agent or check the monitors for gate information.

3. Always pay attentions to the airport announcement as sometimes there can be changes in the gate number for your connecting flight and if so, the airport will announce the changes.

4. Besides your carry-on items, you need not worry about the checked bags as the airline baggage handlers will transfer all the checked bags from one plane to another. But inquire the airline about the checked bags before the journey.

5. In case, if your connecting flight departs before your flight deplanes, don’t hesitate to demand for concession.

Whether you are taking a direct flight or connecting flights, planning wisely is the key to a hassle free travel. Next time, take some time and plan before you begin your journey.

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thank you for all your information. i love flying/travelling to anywhere and find your website very fun. thanks. i'm definitely commecting your site to my blog.