Thursday, July 10, 2008

Things You Need to Know While Planning Your First Cruise

Planning your first cruise? Well, planning for your first cruise may not be the easiest thing to do, but it’s not that tough also. Here are some tips that will help you plan your first cruise.

• The most important of all is deciding on what kind of cruise line and vacation you are interested, is it one of those super luxurious ship where your can enjoy the best of all the modern luxuries and comfort or just to see the world in a comfortable ship. If you cannot decide, talk to a travel agent, ask a friend or research on the internet.

• The internet is a very powerful tool and seriously the internet has almost anything and everything we can think of including information on Cruise. Before booking your ticket, check out the website of the cruise line, do a research on what you will be offered, their cabin layout, compare the price with other cruise line.

• Booking your round trip airline tickets from the cruise line will be more expensive than booking your plane tickets separately but, in case if your flight is delayed or cancelled, most cruise liners offers its passenger to catch up the ship on the next port by hooking them up with an another flight.

• Buying travel insurance totally depends up to you. But it is always advisable to buy travel insurance in case of lost luggage, airline cancellations and delays, emergency medical and so on. You can buy travel insurance from the cruise line or from a travel agent but its always best if you buy from a well known travel insurance company.

• Do carry your passport, if you are traveling to a country that requires you to have a passport, pack your bags as light as possible, as you will find possibly anything you need inside the ship. Pack your clothes depending on the destination, do bring along a formal outfit as most restaurants inside the cruise require you to dress in formal.

These are some tips and tricks that you need to known while planning for your first cruise and in case if you are still confused, you can check out an online travel site or talk to a travel agent.

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