Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Tips for Hassle-Free Car Rental

Whether traveling for business or leisure, a rental car can definitely make your trip more convenient, pleasant and at the same time offer you more freedom. But we need to be careful while renting a car as a rental car can land us in a whole lot of mess, if not planned wisely. Here are some tips that you need to know while renting a car.
• First, decide the kind of car you need, for how many days and facilities such as a baby seat that you require.
• For the best deal, reserving in advance undeniably is the best. Besides making a reservation in advance will also allow you to choose from a wider list. Booking online is also another great way to save as many companies offer discounts to those booking online.
• Always choose a major rental car company or a well known travel site.
• Ask about the company's cancellation policy, like cancellation charges and so on.
• Check the vehicle thoroughly before driving off and be sure that any damage found in the car enters the contract.
• inquire about the company’s fuel options and mileage restrictions.
• In case, if your auto insurance does not cover rental cars, you can purchase one of the rental company insurance policies, but check out the provisions, limitations, and exclusions before concluding the deal.
• Find out whether the company charge extra for pick up and drop, any additional charges for vehicles picked up at an airport, their emergency service and contact numbers.
• Using the same car rental company always pays off, as many companies offer loyalty programs and discounts to its regular customers.
• Always return your rental car on time as car rental rates mostly runs on a 24-hour basis and even an hour late could cost you as high as one-third of the daily rate.
These are some very common and simple tips that we need to follow while renting a car.

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