Friday, September 19, 2008

Travel Tips for People with Disabilities

Live loves to be ridden to the fullest and your disabilities should never come between you and travel or enjoying a vacation. Whether you are traveling to a nearby city or to a foreign country, with a little planning and some handy tips and tricks up your sleeves, your can always enjoy a fun and an exciting travel. Here are some basic and common travel tips for people with disabilities.

  • The most important of all is planning in advance. Do a research on the destination you are traveling to, including airport and hotel facilities for disabled travelers, transportation from the airport to your hotel and so on.
  • While booking your travel plans like airline tickets, ask the travel agent or the airline booking agent about the facilities that are being offered and let them known what kind of assistance you will require. It is always better to hook up with renowned travel agents specialized in working with people with disabilities.
  • Do a research on the destination you are traveling, such as on attractions, dining, shopping and so on. Check out whether you require any immunizations or any special medications. Get a good health insurance.
  • If you would be requiring the help of a service dog, check in advance, whether the destination where you are traveling allows you to bring a service dog or not. As some countries have restrictions on service dogs.

Traveling to new places, seeing new things, experiencing different cultures and tradition is an experience that cannot be compared with anything. One should never let anything come between you and living your life to the fullest.

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