Thursday, October 16, 2008

Reduce the Risk of Having Your Baggage Lost

What could be worst, after hours and hours of a very tiring flight journey you found out that your luggage has been sent to another city! The story of luggages getting transferred to another city while the owner is in another city is not a new tale and a missing luggage could even spoil your entire vacation. Though till now, none has come up with a full proof way to totally eradicate the problem, yet we can reduce the risk of luggages going astray by following some common precautions like:

• Remove old stickers and tags from your previous trip.
• Try to book a direct flight
• Pack all your valuables on a carry-on bag
• Add your name and address on the outside and inside of each bags
• Use a bigger and a distinctive luggage tag
• Check in early
• Get your luggage insured
• Always keep your baggage receipts in a safe place
• In case if your baggage go missing keep a copy of all the documentations produced by the airline and do not leave the airport until you are through with all the necessary paper for the baggage agent.

Next time when you travel follow these simple and common tips. If you have any tips that's not listed, please feel free to share it, by posting it as a comments. Your tip would be of great use to other fellow travelers.


Jules said...

Don't put your name and address anywhere on your bags! You never know who's looking over your shoulder so don't risk advertising that you're away from home. And with the rise in identity fraud, don't make it easy for them! Try using tags like Tag 'n' Traq from CallUma - they use a personalised tracking number instead. AND they got my bags back to me within 4 hours of them being lost!!

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