Friday, October 24, 2008

How to Get a Free Airline Upgrade

Air travel can be very comfortable especially if you are traveling in the first class. But not every one of us can afford to enjoy the comfort and the luxury of a first class passenger, unless you get a free airline upgrade. Getting a free upgrade to first class or business class, sounds more of a fairytale yet it does happen! Though getting a free upgrade is very unpredictable but we can increase our chances of landing in first class without spending a fortune. Here are some tips on how to get a free airline upgrade.

* Instead of flying with different airlines, try to stick with one airline and join their frequent flier program. This way you not only increase the chances of getting a free upgrade but you also get access to airport lounges and so on.
* Early afternoon and late evening are probably the best time to get a free upgrade as early-morning flights and late-night flights are usually packed with business travelers.
* Try to book a flight where their economy section is full, you can known whether their economy section is packed or not by going through a false booking on the airline website. As there is so much competition, the airline may squeeze you to first class instead of turning you away.
* How you dress, can also increase or decrease your chances of getting a free upgrade. You need not wear a suit or a tie but at least dress like a business executive as airlines won’t be willing to upgrade a person wearing torn jeans and dirt shoes, to the first class.
* Being polite always pays off and even in the case of getting a free upgrade, being polite sure does help. Ask the check-in staff, ‘whether you are eligible for an upgrade’. Those traveling alone have a bigger chance of getting a free upgrade than those traveling in groups.

Who does not want to travel in first class but everyone cannot afford the luxury of a first class. But with a bit of luck and some common sense we can, not always but at least once in a while.

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