Thursday, October 30, 2008

Travel More For Less

The money-losing airline industry is raising fares and adding fees as it struggles with record-high fuel prices. Many American travelers are opting for "staycations" by choosing not to travel when they have time off. But, as per the experts there are ways to escape the rising air travel costs. According to George Hobica, creator of the travel Web site - 'there are still many, many, many cheap tickets'. You can get a cheap plane ticket but you're going to need to be very flexible.

  • Fly on the slowest days of the week

Tuesday and Wednesday are the slowest flying days of the week for business travel so demand is low, and so are the fares.

  • Fly on slowest time of the year

If you really want some cheap fares, you should travel during the slowest time of year, says Hobica. That rules out holidays, as well as spring, summer and winter.

  • Fly to popular places at unpopular times

Candy Harrington, editor of Emerging Horizons, suggests being completely flexible about the destination, based on the fare. "Check out the airline Web sites, and see what destinations they have on sale, then build your vacation around that destination".

  • Buy tickets during cheapest times of the day

Airlines change fares three times a day and early birds snags the best deals. As per Hobica "Early morning is the time to buy." During weekends, check fares on Saturday morning and at 5p.m. when the airlines lowers prices to fill up flights.

  • Why don't you buy a package

Travel packages offering cut-rate hotel stays and car rentals can save you a lot of money. "They're super bargains," he says. "Even if you don't need the rental car, you could just not pick it up, because the airfare is so cheap" - says Hobica.

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