Thursday, November 13, 2008

5 Travel Tip While Arriving in a New City: A Must Know

Arriving in a new city can be quite a challenge, if you have no prior planning. Seriously, traveling to unknown destinations in not everyone’s cup of tea and your thirst for adventure, alone is not enough. As you will also be needing a place to stay, food and so on. Planning is as equally important as your thirst to see new places, travel to unknown destinations or to visit places you have never been to. Here are some things that you need to known while arriving in a new city.

1. Before the day of your journey, do a research or collect information on what that you will be reaching your destination. Avoid arriving on the middle of the night or early in the morning.

2. Book your hotel room in advance. Confirm your reservation in advance, inquire the hotel, whether they provided any means of transportation. If not, you can ask them whether they can arrange someone to pick you from your arrival point or, how much the cab or bus, would charge from the arrival point to the hotel.

3. Always carry extra cash along with you, especially if you have no prior hotel reservation. Even if you have reserved your hotel in advance, you will be need them, since you are visiting this city for the first time and you won’t have any idea where the ATM is. Do carry some change.

4. A good map is a must. You don’t need to buy it from a tourist office or a travel agent, search the net; you will find plenty of excellent sites like Google Maps and Yahoo Maps, offering maps of destinations across the globe.

5. Knowledge of even the slightest of local language will surely reward you, especially if you are arriving in the middle of the night.


gramb said...

Your tips are excellent - I certainly do all those things!

fifty states travel said...

great tips that can be apply not just going to NY but basically anywhere!

Alex said...

awesome tips! U should post them on!!!

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