Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Enjoy Solo Travel Without Any Hassles

If you have never traveled alone, you should try it at least once in your lifetime. Many would encourage traveling with friends or groups and discourage traveling alone, but the adventure of traveling alone is quite an experience. Traveling alone has myriad of advantages, including, you get more freedom, you don’t have to please anyone except you, its easier to mingle with locals and other fellow travelers and your time, budget and the experience is all yours. Yet at the same time, traveling alone has its downfalls. Here are some tips that you need to know while traveling solo.

• Since you are traveling alone, you will have to carry your stuffs almost everywhere, whether you are in line to buy your train ticket, while going to the toilet or anywhere else. So pack as light as possible.

• Instead of that luxury 5 star hotel, choose a family run bed & breakfast or a hostel, where you can mingle with locals as well as with other fellow travelers. While going for sightseeing, take a tour bus, this way you will be able to meet more travelers. Be polite and make sure your clothes are clean, if you want to meet more people.

• Knowing even the slightest of local language always pays off. Never take out your map and read it in the streets, if you feel you are lost or you need to know the direction, go to a cafe, grab a bite and do the map reading.

• Get a photocopy of all your important documents and keep the original in your hotel room or somewhere safe. Never carry all your money in one place.

• Stay away from drugs and alcohol, since you are traveling alone and you don’t have anyone to watch your back.

Traveling solo has its advantages as well as disadvantage, yet we can make our solo travel much safer by just planning wisely.

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Corinne Sullivan said...

great common sense tips every traveler should know! Thanks!