Friday, November 7, 2008

Shopaholics Dream Destinations: A Must Visit For All Shopaholics

What do you like to do while you are on a vacation? For some doing nothing and just relaxing may be the ideal way to spend their vacation, while some may love to see new place, engage in various outdoor activities or just shop, shop and shop. Though it may sound like a political definition, but seriously the meaning of vacation differs from person to person. But who cares about its definition or the meaning? Let’s not waste time in defining, instead take full advantage of this blissful word ‘Vacation’.

This article is solely dedicated to all the shopaholics out there, looking to conquer fresh new shopping streets, malls and markets. This winter forget that beach destination or that romantic destination and quench your thirst for shopping in some of the world’s top shopping destinations.

Here are the lists of CheapOair top 5 shopping destinations in the World:

New York City: The city of opportunity, the city where you can expect the unexpected, the city where everything is possible, New York City is a paradise for shoppers.

Paris: When it comes to shopping, Paris the Garden of Eden for shoppers is a must.

Milan: Some call it the fashion capital of the world, while others call it the Mecca of Designer wears, call Milan whatever you want to, but one thing is for sure, Milan will never disappoint you.

London: From the world renowned department stores like Harrods and Fortnum & Mason to high end fashion boutiques, from all your favorite designer names and brands to one of a kind speciality shop, you name it London has it all.

Hong Kong: Hong Kong, the ultimate destination to test your bargaining skills, , whether it’s a designer wear, a century old antiques, electronics or a replica of your favorite designer dress or a handbag, you will find it all in Hong Kong.

This summer treat yourself to a pure shopping vacation in any of these destinations; you will surely have a blast. You can also help other fellow shopaholics by sharing your favorite shopping destinations by posting it as a comment.


Shannon said...

one of my fav places to shop. even though it's online, is etsy. i absolutely love Quilts and Things.

Adele said...

New Orleans: Its filled with the most eclectic shops. I can put together the hippest or chicest of outfits. The art markets are a great place to find unique accessories especially one of a kind jewelry.

Christmas shopping is great there as well. Cheap to visit and gifts are never duplicated, and go over well. I book my rooms (during Christmas time) and look at the calendar of what's going on at

Adele said...

New Orleans: Great deals, chic boutigues and one of a kind jewelry at art markets and shops. Love to do my Christmas shopping there as well. They have great deals on hotels in December (, and who doesn't like to let loose with some girlfriends...cause the nightlife is a hoot!