Monday, November 10, 2008

Ten Japanese Slang Words: A must know for everyone visiting Japan

Japan has so much to offer, from technology to fashion, from rich history and culture to sushi, from anime to breathtaking sights and activities. If you are planning to spend your next vacation in Japan, you are going to have a blast.
Am sure you must have planned everything, right from what to see, where to eat, shop, party and relax. So, here are some common local slang words that you need to know and be careful of while.

  1. Ano: A term used to soften when making requests, like "umm..." in English!
  2. Betsuni: A term used to say "not really" or "nothing"
  3. Choudai: A common phrase used among friends while requesting or asking a favor like "can you do it for me?"
  4. Daijoubu: Another very common word used for saying ‘Am Ok’ ‘I’ll be fine’.
  5. Gomen Ne: A term used among friends to say sorry. Please don’t use this word in front of your superiors or elders.
  6. Jaa Ne: Jaa Ne is an informal way of saying ‘catch you later’ or ‘see you later’.
  7. Majide: A word used for saying "Really?", "No way!”.
  8. Sugoi: A very popular term used to express something really good like ‘cool’, ‘wow’ and so on.
  9. Rakki: An Informal way of saying lucky.
  10. Osu: A popular word mostly used among friends to greet each other like ‘hi’, ‘hello.
Well these are the 10 Japanese slang words that you should known before heading to Japan. If you known any such term or phrase, do share with other fellow travelers by posting it as a comment.

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