Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Next Time Make Your Business Trip Hassle Free

Some travel for business, some for leisure, while some travel just for the sake of travel, no matter what, travel is an unavoidable part of life. With limited budget and time, occasional flight delays or even lost luggage, business travel may not be the most pleasant things to do. Here are some tips to make business travel smoother.

* Booking in advance is always encouraged. Besides, print out your flight confirmation and keep it in handy just in case. Do not book the last flight.
* Try to reach the airport well in advance. Grab a bite before your flight. Drinking alcohol on the plane is highly discouraged unless you are hitting the sack.
* If this is an over-night flight, try to sleep as much as you can. Put a blind-fold and blanket over your head, while sleeping, this way you can prevent dry throat, plus no one will disturb you.
* Decide on what you will be wearing and pack as light as you can. A travel bag with enough space to hold a change of clothes, laptop, charger, phone, pen, paper is very ideal for business travelers. Never put your laptop or any important documents in your hold luggage.
* Do carry along some extra USB memory sticks (also known as pen drives). A pen and papers are a must, just incase if your lap top battery wears down or face any problems.

Traveling is a very enjoyable experience, even if it’s a business trip, if you spend some time planning. Please feel free to share your tips and idea by posting it as a comment.

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