Monday, December 29, 2008

Traveling to a Foreign Country? Here Are Some Smart Tips

Who does not love to travel to new places, see new things and experience various cultures and traditions? But is traveling to foreign countries safe? Of course it’s very safe to travel to almost anywhere, be it Middle East, Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia, North, South or Central America, unless that country is in the middle of a war. But while visiting a foreign country, especially a complete foreign country, one should be always on the look out. Here are some tips and tricks on how to enjoy a hassle-free vacation in a foreign.

• The most important of all is; do a research of that destination you will be visiting, in advance. Spend some time surfing the net, check out the endless of online travel sites; visit the country official tourist site. Collect information about the current political situation, best time to visit, tips on accommodations, things and places to avoid, medical related tips, your embassy phone number, emergency numbers and so on.

• Knowing the local customs and traditions is very important, especially while traveling to Middle-East, Africa and some parts of Asia. This includes like how you should dress, especially for ladies, public display of affection (PDA), hand gesture and so on.

• No matter, where you are heading, always try your best to dress like the locals. Leave all your blings at home, try to avoid white sneakers, especially white, and fanny pack. Don’t show off that ultra-chic digital camera or any electronic gadgets like cell phones, iPods in the public.

• As any wise traveler would do, do not keep all your important documents like credit cards, cash, ID cards, and passport in the same place. Get at least three photocopy all your important documents. Never give your passport to the hotel clerks, but in some countries like Italy, you need to surrender your passport to the hotel clerk. In this case, while submitting demand the hotel to issue some sort of written proof that the passport is with the hotel.

• Always carry your bags, handbags or suitcase on the side of the body not facing the traffic. Always be on alert while using public transportations like bus or trains. Avoid places which are not well-lighted. Never exchange your currency with illegal agents.

You need not worry about a thing, even if you are traveling to a complete foreign country. All you have to do is plan wisely and follow common pre-cautions. Head out to the streets of the world, explore and experience the world, life loves to be ridden to the fullest. Feel free to share your tips and experiences by posting it as a comment.

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