Thursday, January 22, 2009

Europe For Sweet Tooth; A Must For All Visiting Europe

Are you a foodie planning to visit Europe? You will amaze at the variety of heavenly, lip smacking dishes and specialty that await you in Europe. Europe has so much to offer from history, art, music and fashion to technology and much much more but what stand out are its culinary delights. Travelers this time when you travel to Europe, do visit all the historic sights, museums and art galleries, shop and party but try to take out some time and treat your taste buds with some of the world most special culinary delights as you visit the various cities and tours of Europe:

Apple Cake in Noordermarket, Amsterdam: Am sure you won’t be visiting Amsterdam for apple cake, if you are traveling to Amsterdam, don’t leave without tasting a slice of Noordermarkt apple cake. Noordermarket is an organic market that opens only on Saturday from 9:00am to 4:00pm and its here where you taste this amazing delight


Chocolate Cake in Salzburg, Austria: Who does not desire for chocolate cakes, but did you ever wonder where it came from? Well, the first chocolate cake was invented here in Salzburg, Austria by famous confectioner Franz Sacher. So if you are in Salzburg, Austria, forget the sightseeing for a while and try one of Salzburg chocolate cakes. Am sure you will love it.

Lokum in Istanbul, Turkey: After you are through visiting all the sights, take a break and head to Ali Muhiddin's shop in EminönĂ¼ and try their Lokum. Why this shop? Well the shop was opened some 250 years back and many consider their Lokum as the best. But if you can’t make it there, worry not, you will Lokum in almost every Confectionery shops.

Well these were the three delights that you must not miss while exploring Europe. If you have a favorite European delight, do share with fellow travelers by posting it as a comment.

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Anonymous said...

Another food that you can't miss when you go to Salzburg, is the Apple Strudels!! Just like Julie Andrew's song, my favourite thing!!