Wednesday, January 21, 2009

How to Avoid to avoid jet lag

Air travel is a part of our life and it is becoming almost unavoidable. No doubt it is the fastest, the easiest, the most comfortable and the safest way to travel but taking a flight can be a task, right from booking your airline tickets to flying and much more. One of the most common set back of air travel is jet lag, which is caused by sudden change in temperature, shift work, daylight saving time and so on. Here are some tips on how you can avoid jet lag.

• If you are visiting a destination with a different only for a day or a two, brush aside the difference in the time zone and maintain the same schedule as according to the time back home. But if you are visiting for a longer period, start adjusting your schedule in advance, like, adjust the time on your watch to the time at your destination, going to bed and waking up an hour or a two earlier each day.
• Avoid alcoholic beverages on the flight and sleep during the daytime. Take some medicine if you are prone to motion sickness. Get enough sleep right before the date of your flight.
• If your flight reaches, in the morning, afternoon or early evening, head for your hotel and instead of heading straight to the bed, take a shower and go out, visit some of the sights or just explore the city, get some fresh air, then grab an early dinner and try get some sound sleep.
• Bring along some sleeping pill, in case if you can sleep in the new time zone. You may also carry one of those medicines to prevent jet lag. But consult a doctor before purchasing.

Follow these tips, nest time while you are flying to a different time zone. With these tip you will surely reduce the risk of jet lag. Please fell free to share your tips by posting it as a comment. Your tip can help other fellow travelers to enjoy a more comfortable travel!

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