Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Stay Safe in A foreign Taxi!

Taxi related crimes and scams are very low compared to other travel related disasters. But we should always follow common precautions especially when traveling to a foreign country. A little carelessness could even spoil your entire vacation like giving away all your valuables just because you manage to board a fake cab. But we can avoid such misfortune by following some common precautions like:

1. No matter where you are traveling, taxi stands can be found outside the airport, bus stations, railway stations, markets or so on and one should always hire cabs only from these stands. As in almost all the countries only legitimate taxis are allowed to stop at these taxi stands.

2. Before boarding a cab always check the taxi company's phone number on the doors and on the trunk of the cab. An authorized company will always advertise their company’s phone number. But, this can be ignored in some cases, like in small towns.

3. Knowing even the slightest of local language always pays off.

4. Collect some general information regarding the direction, about the neighborhood and the cost of the fare, where you are heading at your hotel or ask some friends.

5. Always negotiate and fix the fare before boarding a cab.

6. Sharing a cab with a stranger may allow you to save some bucks, but it is always better spending some extra bucks instead of getting clean robbed.

7. Finally, know who to call in emergencies.

Normally you will find foreign taxis quite safe, but always follow these tips while using taxis in foreign countries as it is always better to be on the safer side.


Anonymous said...

If you can avoid it, don't put your bag in the trunk. If you have to and you're traveling with someone, one of you should stay in the cab until the trunk is open and the bags are out.

Pay with as close to exact change as possible. If you're clearly a foreigner, the cabbie may try to give himself a large tip or tell you he can't make change. If he can't make change, tell him to wait and go in the nearest shop/bar/etc to get change.

In a foreign airport, don't get a taxi from a tout who approaches you inside the terminal. Chances are the price of a ride into town will be quoted higher than a metered taxi or a taxi booked through the official airport kiosk.

Lauri --that traveling redhead

Anonymous said...

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