Friday, January 9, 2009

Swapping your Home? Here are some Tips

Planning to take a vacation but worried about all those hotel and restaurant bills. Why don’t you swap your home? Started in Europe, home swapping is a fast spreading trend, allowing vacationers to enjoy the comfort of a home while away from home. Home swapping has myriads of advantages, right from, you get to save on your accommodations; you experience local cultures and traditions at its best, and so on. Just as its advantages, home swapping also has its own downfall, but we can avoid such pitfalls by planning wisely. Here are some tips and tricks that you need to know before and while you swap your home.

1. The most important of all is, don’t rush. Give plenty of time to find the best suitable swap partner. Use a well known established home swapping agency. Before you agree to swap your home, spend time corresponding with your swap partner, this will help you feel more comfortable in entrusting your home to your partner.
2. Ask your partner to leave instructions for using the home appliances such as, washing machine, TV, music system, dryer, and so on. Be extra sure to inquire where the keys will be and nearest food store.
3. If you are traveling with a baby or a toddler, try you best to sway your home with someone who has children of similar age. Ask your swap partner whether they have a regular babysitter or where you can arrange one.
4. Don’t forget to get a list of emergency numbers from your partner. Inquire about nearby attractions, dining areas, neighborhood parks and so on.
5. If your swap includes cars, be sure to check whether your car insurance policy will allow you to add a named driver. If not, then get a policy from a company which understands your needs.
6. Before you depart from your home, be sure that your home is clean and tidy; leave instructions on how to operate your home appliances.

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